Matt Hare

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Matt Hare


Joining the industry in 2009, after finishing a degree in 3D animation, Matt quickly set his sights on the Telecine department and became fascinated with the colour grading process. Spending his early days assisting colourists at Glassworks, he soon began grading his own promos for up-and-coming directors. After six years in London, he jumped at the chance to head up their department in Amsterdam. Since then he moved to the well-established Dutch post-house Ambassadors, where he has continued to work with many international directors and brands. In 2021 he returned to London to join Gramercy Park Studios as Senior Colourist.

Somewhat of a perfectionist, Matt brings his keen, creative eye to every project. Never approaching any two jobs the same way, he is enthusiastic about getting the best out of every image.

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